Drew Happenings for April 2017

Drew Happenings for April 2017
Posted on 05/01/2017

Visual Arts

On April 22nd, Drew’s art students traveled to Summer Creek HS in Humble ISD for their UIL contest: Junior Visual Arts Scholastic Event, or Jr. VASE. Ms. Hamacher is proud to share her delight in her students’ wonderful attitudes and perfect behavior, not to mention their talent! This is the first year that the 8th graders competed in the highest section of AP Advanced Art, which is at 9th grade level. The following students received the highest rating of 4 for their art:

Emily Gonzalez-clay cake and plate sculpture, Emylee Quiroga-photograph of a carousel when we went on our field trip to the rodeo, Priscila Cardoso (2) - clay cake sculpture and Cloth Paper Girls (collage), Brayan Diaz-color reduction print "Leon" and Mackenzie Glenn- clay cake sculpture. Seventh grade: Amani Turner (2)-self portrait titled Polka Dot Girl, printmaking "Rosie's", Daniela Borja-cut paper/printmaking collage “Tortuga”.

Congratulations from a very proud art teacher and the rest of the students and faculty of Drew. 

ELA-English Language Arts

As always, the English Language Arts family of Drew Academy work extremely hard year round! Our team of teachers and students have explored so many lesson ideas and engaged in exciting interactive activities daily throughout the entire academic school year. We have upcoming activities and lessons designed to help prepare our students for the next STAAR administration. ELA teachers, along with other select staff members will participate in an intervention plan session that will extend throughout ten days in which the class sizes will be at a ten to one ratio for a total of thirteen days. Students will receive small group and one on one support as they engage in a variety of literary lessons. When we reflect on the numerous events and opportunities we embarked on this year, we can’t help but be proud. During the Fall Literacy Night and the upcoming Spring Literacy Night (April 25th), we provided opportunities in which teachers, students, and parents interacted in fun hands-on lesson demonstrations. The different field trip experiences, such as the Chambers Theater and the upcoming Cynthia Woods Pavilion Musical Scores performance, just to name a few, provided our students great exposure to the classics and adventures beyond the scope of the regular ELA class. With that being said, we are very proud of the successful academic performance our students are demonstrating this year at both grade levels. Although this 2016-17 school year is coming to a close, the ELA family will continue to provide support and encouragement to help every student at our campus accomplish reading and writing success. Now, to see what is going on in the ELA classrooms, here is a sneak peek: 

B. Parker - we are steadily working on understanding the implications of plagiarism and how to use MLS citations for our upcoming research papers. We are breaking the monotony by studying our inference skills and context clues via stations. 

Mrs. Moore - In our classes, we have been working on critiquing a literary work and will soon begin a project based assessment, which is a research paper. The students are also reviewing daily for the STAAR by doing individual STAAR exit items as well as focusing on individual objectives in work stations. Our room is looking very bright with our acts of kindness flowers, leaves and hearts.

Mrs. Alexander - Students in Mrs. Alexander’s classes worked in cooperative groups preparing for the upcoming STAAR Reading test.  In an effort for students to focus on their reading weaknesses, prior to assigning literacy station activities, students analyzed each question from the STAAR release test and identified the reading skills using their literacy notebooks as a resource.  After the students identified the reading skill, they compared the identified skill to the item analysis report.  The students are looking forward to successfully passing the STAAR Reading test on May 9, 2017.  

Ms. Jones - My students are working hard to achieve their academic goals as we head towards the finish line of this school year.  They have been busy working on using their inference skills to draw conclusions and analyze reading passages. They are also working on their research paper, which will be the process paper for the school year. Every day they work to show growth in their learning process.

 Ms. Winn (Spanish) - Students in Spanish classes are preparing to compete at the Foreign Language Fair this Saturday at the MOC.

Special Education

The seventh and eighth graders had their afterschool reward for good behavior and effort.  The students played basketball in the gym, had their favorite snacks and had a chance to just relax as a reward for all their hard work.


All math teachers are involved with the Accelerated Instruction Plan for the Student Success Initiative.  Students that were unsuccessful on the first administration of the STAAR test for 8th grade are participating in this initiative.  All teachers are working through their conferences to instruct the students leading up to the next testing date.


CTE is still holding strong as we approach the end of the school year. We have been ensuring that our students are getting the knowledge they need to feel victorious for the 2016-2017 school year. Business Professionals of America are preparing for their National Competition in Orlando, FL on May 10-14, 2017. We wish them the best during this journey. During this month, our Chief Griffin got a head start on her LOTC team for the 2017-2018 by recruiting at Houston Academy. She met with each student that will be enrolled in her course for next year and we can't wait to see them in action. In the upcoming weeks we are looking forward to watching rocket ships fly from Ms. Clohessey's Gateway to Technology class as they prepare for this major project. Although we as a department are winding down for the year's end, we are striving to have our students get to the finish line strong in mind, knowledge and character.

 Social Studies

This is what's going on with Social Studies:  Kolby Patton's website, Helen Keller, competes in the State National History Day, being held on the UT campus in Austin, Texas.

Ms. Bond is serving on the Magnet Committee Team for Drew, representing the Social Studies Department. 7th and 8th teachers are preparing Project-Based Assessments to assess what students know for the end of the year! These projects will be the culminating activity that will show what students have learned during the year. We are proud to say that Social Studies  participated in every Saturday School ! Students are working hard, and playing while they learn, in their labs with Skills Specialist, which will prepare them for end of the year assessments.


Eight grade students attended the STAAR Review field trip to Sheldon Lake State Park on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  We reviewed key science concepts and vocabulary for the upcoming Grade 8 Science STAAR test. Student groups visited various locations within the park to capture digital images related to their assigned vocabulary word or concept.  Students were able to make real world connections using the vocabulary taught in the classroom.  One student was so excited about the activities that he had his mom take him back to the park the next day. 

Mr. Jorge Espinoza (Grade 7 Science) and Ms. Laura Pennington (Grade 8 Science) are the sponsors of our newly formed Garden Club.  ‚ÄčThe purpose of the club is to introduce participants to the art and science of gardening using reading, math, science, social studies, and writing skills.  "We hope that our club will help foster student leadership skills and may lead to future hobbies and career opportunities. We will teach students about healthy life-style choices (exercise through gardening) and the nutritional value of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, for a healthy diet."

Hats off to Ms. Avant (Grade 8 Science) and Mr. Espinoza (Grade 7 Science) for passing their PPR exam!

 In Other News…

  • ELA’s Mrs. Moore recently attended a GT nature and needs workshop, and will be taking an additional certification test on April 25th.
  • “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” The LMC sponsored a “Name That Book” contest. Drew students read 20 books, and then used higher order thinking skills, including inference and characterization, to name the book from which quotes were given.  The 2016-17 team consisted of :

Danielle Charles, Emily Gonzales, Sharai Ford, Rose Davila, Cindy Vega, Brianna Tobias, Tiona Thomas, Emylee Quiroga, Madison Tran and Jaya Brown.