Make Up Days for Weather

Weather Makeup Days

Aldine ISD Announces Plan to Make Up For 2 Days Cancelled Due to Winter Weather

The Aldine Board of Trustees approved the amended 2017-2018 school year calendar at the monthly meeting held Jan. 23. The changes will affect two days in February. 

The changes will help recover the lost instructional time, due to this month’s winter ice storm on, Jan. 16 and 17.

District leaders made the decision to make up for the time lost due to concern with the amount of days AISD students have missed this year already (close to two weeks).

Closing schools during the winter storm warnings was in the best interest and for the safety of students and staff,” Superintendent Dr. Wanda Bamberg said. “Now that the storm is behind uswe need to ensure we give students valuable instructional timeWe need to ensure students dont miss out on lessons vital to their academic achievement.”

The following changes have been approved for the 2017-2018 calendar:

AISD will not need to make changes to the grading cycles or the last day of school, which will remain May 31, 2018 for students and June 1, 2018 for teachers.