Drew Happenings for February 2017

Drew Happenings for February 2017
Posted on 02/24/2017


CTE is still rolling strong toward our "March Madness." For the month of February, we have continued to prepare our students for upcoming competitions and events. Exploring Careers participated in the Aldine ISD Career Expo on February 21, 2017. This event allows our middle school students to communicate with high school students about the numerous occupational programs in which they are enrolled. BPA is packing for Dallas to attend their state competition for March 1-4, 2017. We plan on taking 30 students for this great experience. CTE is steadily on the move to provide our students with the very best opportunities to promote growth, not only for them but, ourselves as well.


This is what's going on in Social Studies: 7th Grade teacher, Ms. Montenegro, was honored for being one of the top 10 Social Studies Teachers in Middle School who showed significant growth in her students 2015-2016. We congratulate her.

Also, Kolby Patton advanced to the Regional competition for History Fair, held on February 24, 2017. Kolby’s project was to develop a website on Helen Keller.

7th grade teacher, Ms. Bond,  is mentoring a fabulous teacher, Mr. Gorman this during this nine weeks period.

U.S. History teachers are implementing strategies learned from this past Monday’s Lead4ward Professional Development. Teachers will be teaching students strategies to help them correctly identify historical content in the right Era and analyze questions more carefully leading up to  the 3rd 9-weeks Benchmark Test.

7th Grade GT students will be accompanying Ms. Bond to San Antonio for their Alamo field trip in March. Students will actually see where Santa Anna marched his troops in the cold February winter to cause an upset that later galvanized Texas to victory against the Mexican Army.



Students in Mrs. Alexander’s classes were challenged with several critical thinking skills activities for the third nine weeks.  Students analyzed persuasive text about “Allowing Pets in the Classroom” and then weighed evidence to support and defend a position.  They learned about poetry and wrote a “Who Am I?” narrative, and then wrote a similes and metaphors poem about Drew Academy focusing on three of their core classes and an elective.  Students are in the process of writing their persuasive letters and they are looking forward to having an opportunity to send them to their specific audiences.  Mrs. Alexander is excited and looking forward to the students’ learning progress. 



On February 11, a reception was held at Spring Street Art Community for the Middle School Art contest sponsored by the Bayou City Art Colony.  8th grade Drew student Jacqueline Martinez’s piece was selected as one of the top 30 pieces out of 325.  The voting started Wednesday Feb. 16th on-line.  If her piece is voted one of the top three she can earn a scholarship to Glassell, an iPad, classes at Microsoft and much more.  Her piece was titled "Wildflower" and is a color reduction print.

Visual Arts students are finishing up Color Reduction Printmaking, while the Advanced Art students are involved in Photography. The next project for all classes will involve clay.



The following math teachers, Walker, Edar, Mosqueda, Consiglio, and Bean,  went to the "Learning Through the Arts " program on February 11th with Mrs. Comeaux.  Mr. Hargraves has been asked to participate in curriculum writing this summer.  The 7th grade teachers are using "Countdown to the Math STAAR" by to help get their students ready for the math STAAR test.  The 8th grade will use Measuring Up Express for the STAAR by Mastery Education to help prepare for the second administration of the math STAAR.



The students were excited to have their 9-week incentive for no write-ups and giving their best effort in class.  They had time in the gym to play, as well as snacks and drinks after school. They enjoyed the opportunity to socialize with one another while eating their snacks.


And Now for Something Completely Different…

  • On February 24, 2017, Emily Gonzalez, Emylee Quiroga, Kolby Patton, Angel Treviono, Jesus Guerrero, Anaiz Toledo and Jacqueline Martinez participated in the painting of a mural at the Beulah Shepard Library.  The mural was painted to bring the Super Bowl experience to the areas surrounding downtown Houston. Reginald Adams and his crew were responsible for the design of the mural and its installation.
  • On February 9, Drew held a STEM Open House and Family Science Night. The Museum of Natural Science was present for the ribbon cutting ceremony for Drew’s new STEM lab. Tours were given to attendees.
  • ACE, the after school program, had a Nutrition Night, where parents and students made mini pizzas from English muffins.
  • Thirty-two 7th grade GT students qualified to take the SAT at Eisenhower HS on Saturday, January 21, 2017.  Of those 32 students, 8 of them were Duke TIP students.  
  • On February 15, 2017, 30 Drew students received focus and sight for Valentine’s Day. This was done through Drew’s partnership with the City of Houston Health Department. The City of Houston Health Department partners with One Sight Vision Clinic to equip our students with thorough eye exams and high quality, stylish eye glasses. The students attended the eye clinic on Monday, February 13, where they were able to select their own frames.  The glasses were delivered to the school the following day and were fitted on each student by professionals from LensCrafters.  The city Of Houston Health Department does an excellent job organizing this clinic every year for our students.  The Director of LensCrafters,  who travels around the world, stated that this is the most organized clinic that he had attended.   Mrs. Judy, the Harris County/Houston Department of Health Coordinator for this program, deserves praise for this well run clinic.  LensCrafters employees praised our students for being model students to work with during this process.  Many thanks to Mrs.  Amos and Mr. Skinner, who accompanied our students to the eye clinic.  Thank to our awesome teachers for identifying students that are struggling to see and seeking resources for them.
  • The students were very appreciative and excited for their new lease on sight.
  • NJHS students met to write letters of "Thanks" to teachers who have facilitated their educational journey thus far.
  • On February 24th, the Black History Program was presented to all students.